Otter Brook Sunrise

I’ve started working with some of the sounds I gathered last month. I consider this to be a test run to see how everything comes together. This comes from Otter Brook Dam in Keene, NH. After importing the edited files into Logic, I started playing with different edit points. I came to a reasonable compromise on the cross-fades and decided to add some underscore to the audio files. In total there are about 22 tracks in the session.

I chose a couple of simple shakers and an electronic drum loop. I applied a couple of interesting filters on the drums and used some timed delays elsewhere. I’m a big fan of simple delays. Granted, this a “pilot track” if you will, but it sets the stage for how I’d like to explore some of the other recordings.

All tracks are bussed to a basic 1/4 note delay and there is a modest amount of compression used to keep everything in the same dynamic range. The audio tracks have very little equalization other than a bit of low end cut. The strings and brass come from Logic’s orchestral library. All tracks are equalized and bussed to the same sound stage reverb in Space Designer. After getting a mix I could live with, I imported the stereo file into iMovie and started synchronizing the photos. I think this part will eventually get more detailed, but, for the first time it was fun to see how everything would lock in. I’m not sure if the entire project will follow this path, but I had fun starting the creative process regardless.

I’ve been submitting some abstracts to conferences around the northeast. Here’s hoping for some good results in the new year!


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