Editing and Revising

I took a short hiatus from field recording to focus on analysis and writing. I find one of the interesting aspects of academic work are that a researcher must often prepare abstracts and manuscripts as the project unfolds. My hope is to share some preliminary observations in the spring at various conferences along with a possible journal article. I plan to edit and start composing in the new year. Overall, I’m pleased with the progress made and am learning a great deal.

Alongside the creative research, I started a 30 day writing prompt. Fortunately, many of the entries thus far have focused on this project–giving me a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the journey. My attention has turned to critical listening, stillness, and building awareness as an emerging sound composer. I hope to write more about these concepts in a conference paper and/or journal manuscript. The difference is that the 30 day writing project is semi-formal and relaxed. I’m adopting a freer approach with my writing. The goal is to get away from a rigid, literature-review style. This is not to suggest that I am ignoring what other contemporary scholars say about sound composition. I feel that I can research those sources and citations in due course. In some respects, I’ve felt that my writing has been far too rooted in that process over the past year. It’s nice to get away from it and write in a slightly narrative-based, ethnographic style.

In the end, a crisp manuscript should have a balance of the following:

  • Well-researched ideas to support the project’s guiding questions;
  • Clear, articulate writing that flows logically from paragraph to paragraph;
  • A strong procedural manner that outlines how the research is conducted;
  • Some personalized narrative that expresses the composer/artist’s intent and reflections;

I feel that I have much to learn and much to offer in these areas. The 30 days writing project affords me the opportunity to experiment with some writing approaches and see what “sticks”. One goal is to improve by removing some long, clunky sentences in favor of a clearer style. It is a process and one I’m enjoying right now. More sound and pictures coming soon!


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